How it Works

GigsGenie is based on Simplicity and Ease-of-Use. With Gigs from all over the world, GigsGenie’s Deep Learning AI crunches every user’s skillset, areas of interest, expertise, trading habits, reviews and a whole lot more to create a multitudinous platform that, helps connect Sellers with Buyers trade in real-time.

How it Works For Buyer

1. Post a Gig

Create free account, post your Gig, and offer your work to seller.

2. Hire Good Resource

Received offer from seller and use GigsGenie to discuss details with seller.

3. Send Payment

Submit payment before start your order. Payment will be transferred to seller.

4. Enjoy the Great work

Get your work done from seller and give reviews about his work.

How it Works For Seller

1. Create Showcase

Create free account, create your Showcase, and offer your work to buyer.

2. Bid on Gigs

Get notified when buyer post a gig and bid on gigs with GigsGenie.

3. Deliver Great work

Deliver your great work to buyer with GigsGenie and make your profile better.

4. Get paid

Get paid on time, Payment is transferred to you upon order completion.